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askshapeshifterjones asked, ""Can I braid your hair?" (´⊙ω⊙`)"

Happy Valentines Day… Now to find Tina..

Happy Valentines Day… Now to find Tina..

masterminddalek asked, "ur sister is a loser and a nerd"

Ur a loser and a nerd. Eli is only a little bit of a loser. 

Anonymous asked, "Has your hair always been that color? It doesn't really suite you very well."

Has you’re face always been that grey?? It doesn’t really suit you well.

ask-2pfemspain asked, "*Ruffles hair*"

Watch it! Geeze.. 

ask-2p-tino asked, "terve..."

Heh. What brings you around here?

Anonymous asked, "many asks"


askthemutegentleman asked, "-on a whiteboard- "Nice to meet you, my name is Arthur!.... " ( ` v`)/"

Name’s Daniel. Nice whiteboard ya got there. 

(( Terrible cell phone pic and terrible art. GOMEN ))

Any asks?

Happy late Holidays!!!!!

Happy late Holidays!!!!!